GreenexOil Madeni Yağlar

85W/140 GL-4



 GREENEX GEAR WHEEL 85W/140 is special gear oil formulated with mineral base oils obtained from modern refining processes and high quality additives. It has been developed for use in transmissions of automobiles and commercial vehicles.




  • It has anti-rusting, oxidizing and anti-foaming properties.
  • Thanks to its excellent oil film durability, it has superior lubricating properties.
  • Thanks to its multi-grade features, it can be used in all seasons.

Approvals and Specifications

  • API GL-4
  • U.S. Steel 224
  • AGMA 9005-D94


  • David Brown S1.53.101(E)
  • DIN 51517 Part 3
  • ZF TE-ML 02A, 08, 16A, 17A, 19A

Technical Specifications

Test Method Typical Properties
Density (15 °C), g/cm3 ASTM D1298 0,885 – 0,935
Kinematic Viscosity (100°C) [mm2/s] ASTM D445 24,0 – 32,5
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 Min. 96
Flash Point, °C ASTM D92 Min. 240
Pour Point, °C ASTM D97 Max. -18